The 5 Best Castles You Want to Visit in France

From steep hills to vast walled palaces, France’s castles are among the best in the world. We love to visit castles in France on our travels through the country, but we have not visited enough castles yet to make a call. This region of fertile land was the seat of royal power during early French history.

Kings, queens, and other kings built large palaces here as they cemented their rule over this vital trading region. But power shifted to Paris by the middle of the sixteenth century, as the kings spent less time wandering through the kingdom. However, the French royal house still spent considerable money building beautiful castles.

Chateau De Chantilly

Chateau De Chantilly

Chantilly Castle is a simple getaway from Paris, yet only a few people leave. If you do, you will be rewarded with a great scene entering the castle grounds. As you approach the castle, be careful not to mistake it for the nearby stables.

The castle itself houses one of France’s most beautiful art galleries—the former owner of the castle, the Duke of Aumale. There is a lot to see and do at Chantilly Castle, so plan to spend the whole day exploring one of the most beautiful castles in France.

Chateau De Villandry

Chateau De Villandry

This castle was built on the side of a hill and was originally a fortress tower built in the 14th century for King Philip Augustus. The original structure was preserved when a local nobleman acquired the site in the early 16th century. The rest of the structure was demolished, and a fortress was built.

The main attraction of this castle is the famous Renaissance Garden, which includes a water garden. These are arranged in formal, geometric patterns separated by low book hedges. It is a beautiful place for walking and relaxing, with a stream running through it and many places to sit and contemplate.

Chateau d’Amboise

Chteau D'amboise

Amboise Castle is located in the French Loire Valley in the charming half-timbered town of Amboise and has been in Roman times. Inside, you will find suits of armor, tapestries, colorful stained glass, and everything else you want in a castle.

Amboise Castle offers guided tours of much of the castle, including the richly furnished and decorated rooms, beautifully manicured gardens, corridors, and towers. From the castle, which has Gothic, Renaissance, and 19th-century styles, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding city and its wild river.

Chateau De Fontainebleau

Chteau De Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau Castle is a beautiful castle located 55 km southeast of the capital and one of the best day trips in Paris. The first castle, surrounded by a vast and picturesque forest, was built in the XII century as a hunting ground for the King of France.

Since then, the king’s successors have spent much energy and money to enlarge and beautify this castle. Today, Fontainebleau is one of France’s largest (and most beautiful) royal castles. The present-day Fontainebleau Castle has a mixture of styles, with Renaissance and neoclassicism being the most dominant.

Chateau d’Angers

Chteau D'angers

If you’re trying to find the best castles in southern France, you can not beat the Chateau d’Angers. The construction of this castle began in the 9th century. It is located in an abandoned Roman settlement. It contrasts the quiet grounds within the castle walls and the pleasant residence of the Dukes of Anjou, built of late Gothic buildings.

Terraces and gardens were created to transform and beautify the castle into a more inviting home for the Anjou court. Galleries were built, and the gate was erected. The main attraction within the walls of the Castle of Angers is the Tapestry of the Apocalypse, won in 1375.