5 Awesome Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary

The city has made noises about building a funicular to Budapest’s best vantage point, but until then, it is a steep, sweaty slog to the citadel on the hill. The two parts of the city are connected by a large number of bridges, all of which go differently.

The beauty of the fascinating neo-gothic Hungarian Parliament on the bank of the Danube River can be appreciated from either close or the other side of the river. Budapest is easily one of our favorite cities in Europe. It is easy to stay in Budapest for a long time, but in 2 days in Budapest, you will be able to cover a lot of the city.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Szchenyi Chain Bridge

It contains two lanes, each only 6.45 meters wide, and sidewalks on the two rims, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Parliament on the Pest side. The chain bridge and the parliament, their glittering night lights that mix with other city lights, are amazingly reflected on the dark surface of the Danube.

When you start in Pest, it’s an easy walk from other significant sights like the Hungarian Parliament Building, Elisabeth Square. The bridge, opened in 1849, is 375 meters long and 16 meters wide; it consists of stone slabs and is suspended from two massive cast iron chains.

Margaret Island

Margaret Island

The island is connected to the Buda and Pest sides of Budapest by two bridges. The Arpad Bridge in the north and the historic Margaret Bridge in the south. You can reach the island via Margaret Bridge or Srpd Bridge. There’s a glimpse of Margaret Bridge.

When crossing the Danube on Margaret Bridge, you can enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage panorama of the Parliament and the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle District with the Matthias Church and the Gellertberg. As you cross Margaret Bridge, you can enjoy the panorama of Parliament and the Buda Castle District and Gellert Hill.

Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament building is located on the banks of the Danube and is the seat of the Hungarian National Assembly. Visit the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, one of the oldest parliament buildings in Europe and the largest building in Hungary.

The tour of the parliament takes about 45 minutes and informs you about the building and its history. Since the Parliament building is an official place of work, be sure to dress and behave respectfully. During the weeks when the Hungarian Parliament holds plenary sessions, the building is only accessible until 10:00 a.m.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman and #039;s Bastion

Fishermen’s Bastion is a neo-Gothic terrace in the Castle Hill district on the Buda side with a view of the city of Budapest. The Matthias Church in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion is a Roman Catholic church in the classic Gothic style.

You can easily spend hours in the fishing bastion overlooking the breathtaking expanse of the Danube on one side and excellent roofs of the Matthias Church on the other. The view of Budapest was incredible from Fisherman’s Bastion, but couldn’t be appreciated because the former castle walls and battlements were narrow and cramped.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle

Buda Castle on Castle Hill is a remarkable point in Budapest. Visitors can enjoy the area on foot or take a guided tour to get a closer look at the castle. It was first completed in 1265, but today the oldest part is still standing from the 14th century. Visiting the Castle District is a must-have for every tourist.

The palace district and the castle itself are part of the World Heritage of Budapest. Because of the turbulent history of the castle, it has undergone many changes that are hardly noticeable today. Today the castle houses two museums, the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum, as well as various other cultural institutions.